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Building Bridges

Between People

The Practical Alternative to Litigation



Gayle Glazer has served as a Bilingual mediator in the Los Angeles Superior Court in the areas of Unlawful Detainer, Small Claims and Civil Harassment. She has successfully provided mediation services to residents of Los Angeles through The California Academy of Mediation Professionals-CAMP and through CCR, Center for Conflict Resolution.   Her multi-cultural background, her ability to speak Spanish and her varied career experience is indicative of her ability to build bridges and bring diverse groups of people together in a positive way. Based on her previous experience, she has a deep understanding of cultural awareness and its potential effects on conflict resolution. Areas of practice include: employment conflicts, landlord/tenant disputes, unlawful detainer, civil harassment, small claims and special education. Gayle recently became a state of CA Certified Mediator through MC3, the gold standard for mediators. In addition, she is now a mediator for the Mediation Center of Los Angeles, a non-profit organization that provides online mediation assistance to those looking for an online mediation option during COVID 19.


Ms. Glazer retired after a 32 year distinguished career in the Los Angeles Unified School District, first as a teacher, then as a  Special Education Consultant and finally as an administrator in Human Resources. She has transitioned the many skills she learned during her career into mediation. She became adept at conflict resolution in Human Resources during the five year reduction in force that the school district endured during the budget cuts and downturn in the economy. During those difficult years, she honed her active listening skills and  her ability to refocus and reframe the conversation leading to positive outcomes. She is a skilled negotiator, who helps the disputants reach agreement by examining all available options.


Gayle has two Bachelor’s Degrees (University of Cincinnati-1974) and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Policy Studies (California State University, Northridge-2007).

She is certified Bilingual by the State of California (1990) and holds an Advanced Professional Certification in Mediation/Conflict Resolution from California State University, Northridge- 2014.


Gayle is a member of the Southern California Mediation Association-SCMA, Association of American Educators and of Associated Administrators of Los Angeles. She has also volunteered as a Mediator Coach with the Center for Civic Mediation-CCM in Los Angeles.





























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